Woodfab Timber Products

Woodfab Timber maintain a strict environmental policy and the preservatives we use ensure that our products are non hazardous to the environment. In additional, our electricity is supplied by Airtricity from renewable sources, 100% of every log we process is utilised in a worthwhile fashion.

As well as producing sawn timber for fencing, decking and packaging purposes we also produce co-products such as sawdust, woodchip, wood shavings and bark.

  • Sawdust is used in the manufacture of wood-pellets.
  • Woodchip is used in the manufacture of medium density fibreboard (MDF)
  • Bark is used for garden mulch.
  • Wood-shavings is used as animal bedding.

We maintain a policy of continuous improvement and our investment in a new state of the art wood processing facility allows us to produce our products to the highest standards while at the same time conforming to the highest environmental standards

We produce timber products that are used for construction, agriculture, industrial and residential purposes. Some of our range includes

Decking Products, Post and Rail Fencing Products, Picket Fencing Products, Fencing Panels, Roadside Fencing & Acoustic Barriers, Garden Shed Materials, Gates and Posts, Rounded Stakes, Equestrian Poles. In addition we also supply a full range of Garden Sheds, Jungle Gyms, Playhouses, Garden Furniture, Garden Accessories and Baled Shavings suitable for animal bedding.

We are continually adding to our range of value added products for the benefit of our customers so check back regularly.