National Tree Week 2019

National Tree Week 2019

Woodfab had the pleasure of donating two trees to the Sacred Heart School in Aughrim for National Tree Week 2019. The trees purchased were grown locally at Van Der Wel’s in Aughrim and the plaque was designed and made by Byrne’s in Aughrim.

Despite a rainy morning, the whole school turned out to watch the planting of the Hawthorn tree. Brid Owens, the principal of the school, placed crystals in the ground before planting as this is thought to fill the earth beneath with positive energies.

The Hawthorn Tree (Crataegus monogyna) is one of Ireland’s sacred trees – it is seen as a tree that brings good luck and prosperity to the land where it stands. It is also known as a fairy tree as it is said in Celtic Mythology, that fairies live underneath the Hawthorn as its guardians.

The school are learning at present about the importance of bees and pollen and the Hawthorn is an excellent source of pollen.

Woodfab also donated a Bird Cherry tree (Prunus Padus) which is a native tree – this small tree blooms in May and gives a beautiful vanilla aroma from its flowers.

A special thanks to Deirdre Quinn, our Forestry Administrator, who liased with the school and Van Der Wel’s to help pick the most suitable trees for the school environment.

We look forward to watching these trees grow over the years!