Woodfab Structures

Company Overview

Woodfab Structures Ltd. was formed in 2007 having traded previously as Buffalo Structures Ireland Ltd. which itself was formed in 2001 to manufacture a range of acoustic barriers and fencing products.

Woodfab Structures
Woodfab Structures

Favourably located in the heart of Wicklow it is a subsidiary of and operates from the same plant as Woodfab Timber Ltd., a leading timber processor specialising in fencing, decking and motorway post and rail.

The company offers a fast and efficient service and has the technical ability to offer a solution to any fencing requirement.

Our acoustic barriers are designed for use in domestic, industrial and motorway applications and meet with all the relevant statutory requirements in regard to manufacturing standards, treatment etc. Noise control is a key environmental issue and our range of barriers will provide solutions in many locations such as those adjacent to bus depots, railways etc.

Our boundary fencing, under the BUAN range, has been developed to provide decorative, robust screening to both domestic and industrial applications.

We ensure that all of the timber for our products is sourced from sustainably managed forests.