Woodfab Timber issues EPD for products

Woodfab Timber issues EPD for products

Woodfab Timber are pleased to announce, that in conjunction with Forest Industries Ireland, we engaged the BRE to prepare Environmental Product Declarations for homegrown timber.

Eight sawmills in Ireland supplied energy and production data for the assessment.

These EPDs present the average performance of sawn timber from Irish sawmills by product type:-
a) green sawn;
b) green treated; and
c) kiln dried.

These will assist specifiers and contractors to meet their client’s sustainability requirements and reduce the environmental impact of the timber specified for both structural and non-structural applications throughout a products lifespan. It will also assist in achieving green building certifications, such as BREEAM and LEED.

Certification: BREGENEPD000490

Certification: BREGENEPD000491

Certification: BREGENEPD000492